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Ohio Building Officials’ Association

The Ohio Building Officials’ Association (OBOA) is a non-profit Association whose members are Building Officials’, Building Inspectors, Architects, Engineers, Fire Officials and contractors throughout the State of Ohio.

OBOA was started in 1961 to provide the State of Ohio with an association to promote Life Safety through improvement of Codes, uniform codes and uniform code enforcement.

OBOA consists of approximately 1500 members. Through the years OBOA has been instrumental in Code Offical certification, the adopting of 1% and 3% permit fees for the education of Code Offical for improved inspections and a uniform State Residential Code.

OBOA supported the creation of the International Code Council (ICC), in fact the first ICC President was an OBOA member. OBOA was the driving force that created the first ICC regional chapter, Region V.  OBOA continues to strive for codes that are necessary through years of involvement with ICC Code Hearing, and formerly BOCA Code hearings. Many OBOA members have served on various BOCA and ICC committees for years.

OBOA members serve on the Residential Code advisory committee, the committee that creates the Residential Code of Ohio.

OBOA helped create the Ohio emergency response team to provide assistance to any area requesting help after a disaster.

OBOA has for many years worked closely with the Ohio Board of Building Standards to assist whenever and wherever possible.

Please join OBOA and help create a safer environment for all building occupants in the world.

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